We are based in Jakarta, which has been active since January 2020 and is a subsidiary of PT Kilaumantika which was founded in 2009.
As an agency with the ability to provide a complete and holistic service, we bring the best
strategies in marketing & communication, advertising and media production. With an arsenal
ranging from sponsorships till event execution and brand activation, there is no way in which we cannot avail ourselves to the needs of our clients.

Equipped with the latest techniques of advertising, we have succeeded in catering to the
market needs both within Indonesia and abroad. Our highly specialized team draws insights on market trends. This linked with the cultural backgrounds in the region gives us a great
understanding on the needs of our clients, thus providing them with the right avenues for
We here are dedicated to not only providing a service but an experience to both our clients aswell as their target audience.


Menjadi Perusahaan yang unggul dalam membangun sebuah brand agar mampu memberikan keburuhan segment target market promosi yang berkualitas dikawasan regional


Berkomitmen memberikan layanan prima yang potensial untuk memberikan hasil yang terbaik, berorientasi pada kepentingan pelanggan agar mencapai target yang maksimal

Menjadi perusahaan yang bekerja menjaga komitmen sebaik mungkin